Download a whole websites' pages for offline viewing or for making it a static-only website

There was a situation where my next-to-zero traffic, decade+ old WordPress 4.9.18 site on PHP 5.7 was badly infected with malware which even created a user in my WordPress site called ! It created some 200 spam posts but because its not like a blog, it didn't get exposed to the front-page.

One solution is to convert it to static-only site. So I got this as a workaround from my hosting company's excellent support.

mkdir domain
cd domain
wget \
  --mirror \
  --page-requisites \
  --html-extension \
  --convert-links \

Now upload the domain folder's content to your web directory.

Maybe next step in the near future would be use some JAMStack solution like Gatsby or Next.

Happy New Year - next post in 2022.